Blessings for 10th anniversary celebration of Achieve (Shenzhen )Sportswear Co.,Ltd

5,514 Published by admin 8月 25,2020

         Achieve (Shenzhen )Sportswear Co.,Ltd 

                 10th Anniversay company outdoor tourism 

Hey ,Achievesports is  11 years old since  2009 . We just had our 10th anniversary August 14th to 15th 2020.

Cheers for celebration ! thank you for our company !We were very excited with these outdoor activities !

1--Grab the water bottle

Every one need to throw the bottle to another one ,you need to grab the bottle after the first people throw it to you ,at the meantime you should throw your own bottle to another one .,it could exercise our colleagues' tacit understanding through this activity .

 2--To praise each other near ourself

Through this activity with 5 guestures ,  allowing us understand that to praise others will make each other happy and closer . Then we play as a team . 

3---The game called “60 seconds” , team  wisdom collection 

Test observation and team work.we should find all numbers from 1 to 30 . There will be no simple numbers, but through common sense of life and Chinese mathematics and other comprehensive information to guess puzzles within 60s ,all team member need to have Perfect division of labor so that could finish them within 60s .

4---Self-Help Cooking lunch . 

We enjoyed lunch because Everyone is involved in the cooking process ,we worked together and Make a delicious lunch efficiently .you can feel during hot summer time , how leisure time it is doing each dish by ourselves.

During the 2 days of out door tourism ,we  feel laughs and see happy faces through every team activity !


Looking back on the past ten years, start from scratch , that's your way out of the ice under the wind and snow! the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, full of endless opportunities and challenges. Looking forward to the future, .we look forward to next brilliant decade. Wish  Achievesports  a grand future ! Wish you the better, the smoother and the more brilliant you will be in the future!

Last but not the least ,Thank you for our regular or new clients ,thank you for your continuous support ! We have been becoming more professional and excellent while partnership with you  , your  team and your company  !


Blessings for 10th anniversary celebration of Achieve (Shenzhen )Sportswear Co.,Ltd

         Achieve (Shenzhen )Sportswear Co.,Ltd                   10th Anniversay company outdoor...

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