Custom Sportswear for Winter Universiade 2019—Achieve Sports

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The world’s premier winter multi-sport event for university athletes, hosted in the heart of Siberia, promises to be a memorable edition with reigning and future Olympic champions amongst the competitors

Preliminary play is under way in Bandy and Ice Hockey in the day before the official opening of the Krasnoyarsk 2019 Winter Universiade KRASNOYARSK – The 29th edition of the Winter Universiade was set to open full of fanfare Saturday in this Siberian city. The biannual winter multi-sport event kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony at 20:19 (local time) on 2 March 2019.It includes 11 sports and last 11 days: Alpine Skiing, Bandy, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Short Track Speed Skating, Ski Orienteering and Snowboard. We---Acheive Sports, are a professional sportswear manufacturer, so gald to made the sportswear for some teams.   the Winter Universiade will be broadcast live on the Russian network Match TV and internationally on major networks including Eurosport and the 280-member strong Asian Broadcasting Union with a potential reach of over 3 billion audiences across Asia and the Pacific. we are pleasure and exciting to show our jersey in the face of whole world with these cute players.We know, they are so professional on special sports, they abserve top quality jersey,which from professional sportswear manufacturer.Please note---every jerseys wrote the player's name and number at front or back,Have you find the idol on the field?   The same design, different colors; different designs, different colors, whatever jerseys you can choose!   Special triangular panel for Goalie jerseys under the arm, enough space to move your arm to denied your opponent! Not only the jerseys, but also the shorts and socks.Both of them printed your label and logo so the fans, supportors and teammates can find you quickly!   More information related to customizing special sportswear  is available on the official website: www.achievesportswear.con

Custom Sportswear for Winter Universiade 2019—Achieve Sports

The world’s premier winter multi-sport event for university athletes, hosted in the heart of Sibe...

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