Product Name About 1450pcs cheer leading jacket project customized process Victoria Australia

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Have you ever had the experience of designing a jackets with your own idea and image by yourself? Come on! Follow me, to experience the wonderful and incredible process in advance.

First is design.Just like the picture, it’s a design by a customer from Australia, do you want to design your own wear by yourself just like him? Choosing color, style, image, size, etc. Everything is in your hands!! Do you like it, want to feel it??


After exciting design,next is printing!
We use advanced digital printing to keep everything is correct and the color is light and glamorous.

Want to know what to do next?
It’s SUBLIMATION,a new technology that is better than 3D printing,
more durable, and never fade.Do you want to try this step by yourself? Put the fabric neatly on paper which printed the design,bring them together through the sublimated machine, the design is heat-printed on the fabric. Magical!!!

Next is also a important and careful process—laser cutting

by special laser machine.It reduced the error greatly than cutting by workers, at the same time, it speed up production.


The most crucial step—STITCHING.
We employ the worker who has years of experience in the apparel stitching!No wrinkles! No missing needles! No thread ends!

After ironing, the jacket is finshed!
Look, is it beautiful? Exciting?
Can you not help to  wear it right away?

We package each jacket individually!
We ship it by DHL, it will delieved to your door about 2-3!
Enjoy your jackets!!


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